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title Haye: I’m too old for Price and Fury; I only want Vitali

photo: vitali klitschko tyson fury david price david haye By Scott Gilfoid: If Tyson Fury and David Price were hoping they could get a fight with former WBA heavyweight champion David Price to try and prove themselves and make a name for themselves then they can pretty much forget it, because Haye has zero interest in ever fighting either of them. He only wants 41-year-old WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko and that’s the fight that Haye will be waiting on until the bitter end. He’s locked into waiting for Vitali and he says he’ll retire if he can’t get that fight.

Haye said to I Film London “I’m waiting for the fight [Vitali] to happen. If HE wants the fight to happen…No disrespect to either of them [Fury and Price], they can probably go on to do great things, but I’m too old and too small. I want to fight Vitali. Vitali said he can knock me out. I want him to prove it.” Read the rest of this entry »

title Yoan Pablo Hernandez – Eric Fields on 2/2 in Germany

photo: yoan pablo hernandez eric fields By Eric Thomas: IBF cruiserweight champion Yoan Pablo Hernandez (27-1, 13 KO’s) will be taking an easy title defense on February 2nd against #12 WBA, #15 IBF, Eric Fields (21-1, 15 KO’s) at the Max Schmeling Halle, Prenzlauer Berg, in Berlin, Germany.

Hernandez, 28, has had some tough fights recently in two bouts against Steve Cunningham and his victory against Troy Ross. Somehow Hernandez was able to squeak through those three bouts to get to his first easy fight since his victory over Steve Herelius last year in February.

Fields, 30, kind of disappeared after getting beaten by Ola Afolabi in April 2008. Fields had come into that fight off of the back of an impressive 1st round knockout win over Kelvin David back in January 2008. A lot of boxing were impressed with Fields at that point in his career and many thought he’d beat Afolabi. But Fields had problems with Afolabi’s power and he ended up getting taken out in the 10th round by him. Read the rest of this entry »

title Alexander vs. Brook: Kell faces his first real test of his career on February 23rd in Detroit, Michigan

photo: kell brook devon alexander By Scott Gilfoid: It’s hard to believe that 8-year pro Kell Brook (29-0, 19 KO’s) will be facing his first real test of his career when he meets up with IBF welterweight champion Devon Alexander (24-1, 13 KO’s) on February 23rd at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan.

This is going to be a tough battle for the 26-year-old Brook because he’s not had anyone even close to being on the same talent level as Alexander, and when he was stepped up a little bit in facing Carson Jones earlier this year in July, Brook was fought to a standstill in winning a controversial 12 round majority decision in a fight where Brook was really lucky he wasn’t knocked out in. Read the rest of this entry »

title Pacquiao-Marquez 5: Who gets the blame if Manny gets knocked out again?

photo: manny pacquiao juan manuel marquez By Chris Williams: Manny Pacquiao (54-5-2, 38 KO’s) appears headed for a rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6-1, 40 KO’s) despite the dangers involved for the Filipino should he take this fight.

Pacquiao was badly knocked out on December 8th by Marquez and with this kind of knockout you won’t know what’s going to happen with Pacquiao until he gets in the ring again.

Much of the blame for Pacquiao’s loss has to Marquez has to rest on the shoulders of his trainer Freddie Roach, because he’s the one after all that came up with the strategy for him to fight with more aggression in that fight in the belief that it would enable Pacquiao to fight like he did earlier in his career when he was a more energetic and successful fighter. Read the rest of this entry »

title Mosley: I could beat Marquez

photo: shane mosley juan manuel marquez By Chris Williams: 41-year-old former three vision world champion Shane Mosley (46-1, 39 KO’s) unbelievably thinks he can beat Juan Manuel Marquez (55-6-1, 40 KO’s) if the two of them were to fight despite the fact that Mosley hasn’t won a fight in over three years and was easily handled recently by Manny Pacquiao, a fighter that Marquez has arguably beaten four times now.

Mosley said in an interview by when asked if he can beat Marquez “Yes, styles make fights. When you fight a guy like Pacquiao all those times, you learn. Marquez knew when to throw his right hand at the right time.” Read the rest of this entry »

title Matthysse vs. Lundy, Aydin vs. Soto Karass on January 26th in Los Angeles, California

photo: lucas matthysse jesus soto karass By Dan Ambrose: Showtime will televise a nice two-fight card head-lined by WBC interim light welterweight champion Lucas Matthysse (32-2, 30 KO’s) defending his title against lightweight Henry Lundy (22-2-1, 11 KO’s) at a still to be determined venue in Los Angeles, California. Also on the card will be welterweight Selcuk Aydin (23-1, 17 KO’s) facing Jesus Soto Karass (26-8-3, 17 KO’s) in a scheduled 10 round bout.

Matthysse, 30, is the one to watch in this fight because he’s got major power and an excellent fighting style that has already proven again and again to be crowd pleasing. He’s got two losses on his resume but you can still consider him unbeaten because in both of the fights he lost, he fought well enough to deserve the decision but was given a bad deal in fighting in other fighters’ hometowns. Read the rest of this entry »

title Froch: We’re going to get Kessler in the UK

photo: mikkel kessler carl froch By Scott Gilfoid: IBF super middleweight champion Carl Froch (30-2, 22 KO’s) believes his promoter Eddie Hearn from Matchroom Sport will be able to successfully lure Denmark’s Mikkel Kessler (46-2, 35 KO’s) to come over to the UK to fight him rather than having the fight take place in a neutral country or Denmark.

Froch naturally sees it as a huge advantage for himself if he can get Kessler over to the UK to fight in front of a large pro Froch crowd. Froch lost his previous fight to Kessler back in 2010 in Denmark, and Froch seems to think that Kessler should be fair about it by volunteering to fight in the UK. Read the rest of this entry »

title De La Hoya: It’s not going to be easy for Pacquiao to come back from his KO loss

photo: oscar de la hoya manny pacquiao juan manuel marquez By Chris Williams: Oscar De La Hoya has serious doubts about whether Manny Pacquiao will ever be the same fighter after his KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez on December 8th of this month. De La Hoya joins Bernard Hopkins and many others who question whether Pacquiao will be able to recover from the crushing knockout he suffered in the 6th round in his fight with Marquez because of how devastating the knockout was.

De La Hoya said to Power 106 FM “It’s not going to be easy to come back. That’s going to be the million dollar question. It’s always going to be there psychologically, ‘can I take that shot.’ History shows it’s impossible to come back.” Read the rest of this entry »

title Warren interested in Groves vs. DeGale rematch in 2013

photo: james degale george groves By Scott Gilfoid: British promoter Frank Warren says he’s interested in putting his fighter Commonwealth super middleweight champion George Groves (16-0, 12 KO’s) back in with WBC Silver super middleweight champion James DeGale (14-1, 9 KO’s) in a rematch next year at some point, Warren said in an interview with I Film London. Warren also sees Groves fighting for a title in 2013 as well.

I would be interested in seeing DeGale and Groves fight again because I’ve always felt that DeGale got a raw deal in losing to Groves last year in May, and I think he’d beat him in a rematch. However, I doubt DeGale will take the fight with Groves next year because DeGale wants to fight for a world title and the only way he’s going to fight Groves again is if either of them have a title. Read the rest of this entry »

title Arum: Fans want to see Rios-Alvarado 2, not Rios vs. Matthysse

photo: tyson fury mike alvarado lucas matthysse brandon rios By Chris Williams: Top Rank promoter Bob Arum believes that there is a high demand from boxing fans to see two of Arum’s Top Rank stable fighters former WBA World lightweight champion (31-0-1, 23 KO’s) go back and fight Mike Alvarado (33-1, 23 KO’s) again rather than seeing Rios move forward with his career and fight WBC interim light welterweight champion Lucas Matthysse (32-2, 30 KO’s).

Arum said to the “It would be really stupid if I did that fight [Matthysse vs. Rios]. The fight everyone wants to see is Rios and Alvarado. Why would I want to put Rios in with a guy that lost to Zab Judah? He’s [Matthysse] not a draw. The fight is not a draw. Matthysse doesn’t sell 10 tickets.” Read the rest of this entry »

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