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Bradley Defeats Holt by UD Despite Being Down Twice


Bradley has a lot of potential and has flat outworked everyone he hasn’t KO’d. He made Witter look completely irrelevant. He took a punch from Holt that would’ve had most other boxers running away and covering up for the rest of the fight, but instead he jumped back in, pressed the fight and earned another belt. He took a step up by taking on Holt and came through, but showed he might be vulnerable to a high-caliber fighter. I agree he’s not ready for Hatton or Pacman yet, but I look forward to seeing good things from him. Hatton is underappreciated, and underestimated – in the US anyway. But that said, he is going to have his hands full with Manny.

Posted April 7, 2009  


This kid is good. He’s tricky and still learning. My suggestion would be to let this guy grow for a couple more fights.

A good fight, although it would never happen would be a fight between Bradley and Lightweight fighter Valero (25w, 25ko’s). Both these guy’s are young and exciting. It would be a perfect ‘Power vs Speed’ fight.

Posted April 6, 2009  


marquee names indeed. If theres no money there is no interest. Boxing needs better organisation

Posted April 5, 2009  


makes no difference hatton will never fight any of these guys at 140. hatton only fghts marquee names from other divisions

Posted April 5, 2009  


Bradley suprised me, i had Holt down to win this 1 and reletivly easily.

Bradley recovered from the 1st knock down very very well and outworked Holt for the rest of the night, I have understimated Bradley for sure.

But i still think Hatton is a big step ahead of anybody in this division, including Pacman and Marquez when he moves up.

Posted April 5, 2009  

Anton Mccabe

Hatton would destroy Tim Bradley….if he manages to get by paquio, and that fight is made.

Paqiou would also destroy him

Posted April 5, 2009  

wayne buckley

yes at first when the fight was made i thought paqiouw must be strong favourite after what he did to de la hoya at welterweight.however as we get closer to fight time im starting to think differently .maybe paqiouw is slight favourite but its not far from a fifty fifty fight anything could happen its quite possible hatton could be stopped as he has looked vulnrable in previous fights at welter and light welter but it could easily be another hatton kosta zu type fight with hatton pressuring and winning on points

Posted April 5, 2009  


Hatton is the best in this devision and that will be proved next month. He will beat any body at 140lbs its a pity people cant see this but then again hes from a little island that no body beleives can produce goos boxers. Any way happy easter to all and god bless all that serve in the armed forces of britian and america.

Posted April 5, 2009  

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Bradley Defeats Holt by UD Despite Being Down Twice

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