Fury blaming Schaefer for Deontay fight not happening

 tyson fury deontay wilder By Scott Gilfoid: Tyson Fury (21-0, 15 KO’s) after going quiet and saying he’s retiring from boxing after Deontay Wilder’s promoters at Golden Boy Promotions attempted to line up a fight between Deontay and him, Fury is finally talking and blaming Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer for the fight not taking place. Fury claims that he’s not gotten anything in terms of a contract from Schaefer.

It’s pretty sad that Schaefer tried to setup a fight with Fury and Deontay, but he could never get a hold of Fury’s promoter on the phone, he said. Not sure what happened, but Schaefer says Fury’s promoter never picked up the phone nor did he call him back.

“If Deontay Wilder grows a pair of balls I might fight him as well,” Fury said to Buncey’s Boxing Podcast. “It’s more to do with Richard Schaefer; he’s the brains behind it all. He keeps saying my name and saying he’s offered me this and that, but there’s never been anything in writing…They say it’s me [who isn't negotiating], but I can guarantee you now it’s nothing to do with me because I would go to America no problem, and do the same as I did to Steve Cunningham.”

Fury listed a bunch of heavyweights that he supposedly wants to fight in 2014. He wants Lucas Browne, he wants another fight with Chisora, and he says he wants Deontay. I believe the first two, but no way do I see Fury wanting Deontay. I mean, if he did want Deontay, wouldn’t he be No.1 on his list instead of pulling up the back end?

Fury obviously isn’t going to come to the U.S to fight Deontay. When Fury did come to the U.S to fight one of the American heavyweights, he chose little Steve Cunningham, a former cruiserweight rather than a heavyweight with size, power and talent like Deontay or Chris Arreola. If you’re going to come to the U.S. to fight supposedly the best, why is Fury fighting Cunningham rather than the higher ranked Arreola and Deontay?

I smell fear from Fury towards Deontay. He’s got to know from watching him that the big 6’7″ Deontay would likely knock him out and mess up his dreams of fighting for a world title one of these days.

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