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Yo Adrien! There’s Only One Floyd Mayweather

broner84442By Chester Rivers: First, as an African-American male I apologize for the ignorance of Adrien Broner. The dry hump maneuver was a display of ignorance and poor taste. Secondly, I accept all the apologies of the readers who replied negatively to my article “Top 5 Under 25″ when I purposely omitted Adrien Broner’s name.Now on with the rest of the article.

There’s only one word to describe what we witnessed between Adrien Broner and the new W.B.A. welterweight champ Marcos Marcos Maidana and that is EXPOSED!

I asked you guys earlier what would happen when Broner is hit in the nose? Broner never recovered from the first round knock down. Sure he regained his composure but he never regained the same confidence that he possessed in other fights. Although Broner was clearly the faster fighter, the awkwardness and power of Maidana was simply too much. Broner seemed ,at times, timid and hesitant to exchange with Maidana.

Big bro Floyd Mayweather Jr critiqued Broner’s performance after the Malignaggi fight by stating that Adrien needed to work on his footwork and head movement. It looks like little bro wasn’t paying attention and didn’t heed the advice from the best fighter in the world.

Yo Adrien! Let me give you some sound advice and this time please pay attention. First, loose the irritating bravado because we all know it’s just an act. Secondly, get some discipline and loose the 12 pounds needed to go back down to lightweight were you belong.

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