Kell Brook hungry is back and hungrer than ever to take what he wants

 kell brook By Chris Hodgkiss: The #1 IBF 147 lb. contender Kell Brook (30-0, 20 KO’s) is back and seems more ready than ever to take what he has always wanted ever since he stepped in the gym and saw Prince Naseem Hamed training while taking the world by storm and knocking just about every opponent he ever faced out cold.

The Prince Is some Act to follow but brook looks more like his fans want him to look now and he has his devastating and potentially career ending injury at the back of him.

Brook injured his foot in preparation to fighting Devon Alexander the IBF welterweight champion not once but twice and Alexander also sustained an injury to his bicep in preparation so it was all one big huge mess but now its history.

He didn’t just have to deal with that not by a long shot he had to deal with being taken to the limit by Carson Jones and feeling he had let his fans down by not dominating the American and getting the KO. Also, Amir Khan had a fight in his home town after slating him calling him a nobody and then adding insult to injury by fighting someone in Brooks home town that was a level below Brook.

But Khan was humiliated by his opponent Diaz and nearly knocked out on more than one occasion in the fight. Then Khan went one more step by moving up to welterweight and trying to snatch Kell’s dream of owning the IBF title by trying to get a deal with Alexander.

Brook has put a line in the sand by defeating his old rival Jones in a one sided beating and has said he will face anyone now and is about to announce his next opponent probably on Wednesday.

Brook says he is open to all routs and fighters to get where he wants to go and has been in the gym since his clash with Jones on a daily basis. Everyone’s talking about Brook now after looking so different in his last match and even some Americans have shown respect for his talent.

Brook took Jones on the back of injury and not even at his prime weight and that’s got people thinking brook could be the real deal if he applies his hole self to the game. Somehow brook has found the mental strength to come through all of this and is looking hungrier than ever to get to the top and with all that’s gone on he has to be admired for his mental strength at least.

In the next year we could see a NEW Carl Froch or Joe Calzaghe come into his own and British boxing looks as if it could have a genuine world champion in its hands once again! Come on Brook!

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