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Floyd Mayweather, opinion doesn’t matter – Part 2!

mayweather434By Tom Drury: First of all I want to say thanks for the huge response I got from my last article, there is nothing quite like a good debate and argument. Some good credible points of view were put forward, however the uneducated “Floyd ducked Pac” “Floyd the cherry picker” comments made an appearance.

Everybody is entitled to there personal opinion, my problem is this is a boxing forum and I pride myself on writing articles backed up by facts. I am quite sure many fans on this forum are driven by dislike for Mayweather as a man and maybe a little symptom of envy.

Whoever you as fans follow or regard as your favorite fighter, you should and need to understand Floyd Mayweather is good for them and there careers (assuming they occupy the smaller weight classes 140-154) Danny Garcia, Amir Khan, Lucas Matthysse, Paulie Malignaggi, Adrien Broner, Devon Alexander, Manny Pacquiao, Brandon Rios, Saul Alvarez, Sergio Martinez, Kell Brook, just to name a few are all in the spotlight and receiving maximum exposure due to Mayweather’s record breaking contract with Showtime/CBS all hoping to receive that “winning lottery ticket” that is a Mayweather bout.

Time and time again I have viewed Mayweather interviews on radio stations/TV and press conferences and he never fails to pay homage to past fighters that paved the way for him as a fighter and marketing genius, Mayweather just had the skills and personality to take it to a whole different level and break barriers in boxing past fighters could not. When I say that i am not discrediting past fighters skills or hunger, I personally believe Mayweather Jr is the greatest of all time but it is personal preference, Sugar Ray Robinson does have a case. When I talk about barriers im talking about exposure for the sport we love.

Mayweather is paving the way for all today’s young hungry fighters, the problem is most don’t have the skills or intelligence to build on it. J’leon Love is a perfect example of intolerable stupidity, the young middle-weight contender is part of TMT (The Money Team) trains at the Mayweather boxing club (Las Vegas, Nevada) and is promoted by Mayweather promotions yet after his controversial win over Gabriel Rosado in his most recent outing he tested positive for a diuretic. Love has underestimated the position he is in and shown total disregard for the legends and business supremo’s that surround him, Mayweather himself, Al Haymon, Leonard Ellerbe and others that have helped move his career forward.

Adrien Broner while i dont believe it is wise to follow a person 100% this kid is showing intelligence and know how, he is constantly surrounding himself with the worlds highest paid athlete and learning how to market himself and quite frankly he is on the road to riches. Broner in my opinion does not have the skills of Mayweather, he is not in the same league, although it seems he does have big power. What Broner does have is a crazy, brash, arrogant personality, in a recent interview on Broner said “I’m gonna make a Billion out of this game” got to admire that kind of ambition and hunger. However, I personally believe Broner will come unstuck if he stays at 147 after the Malignaggi fight and takes on the elite of the division.

Saul Alvarez, business minded he is not, his recent mistakes have shown how limited this guys brain is, surprising I know, seen as though he is promoted by Richard Schaefer an intelligent money man. Alvarez was first outed to the mainstream boxing fraternity after fighting on a Mayweather undercard, now dont get me wrong I know Alvarez is Mexican and has a huge following but he could have used Mayweather to build on that already huge fan base, instead he calls Mayweather out then refuses to fight on the Mayweather/Guerrero fight card. Fighting on a Mayweather card is a lottery win in itself these days. Alvarez would have had 98% chance of landing a bout with Mayweather if he had stayed put on the May 4th card, that percentage in my opinion has dropped well below 50% and I don’t believe he will get his shot.

The point of this is Floyd Mayweather is to boxing what Michael Jordan was to basketball, Lionel Messi is to football, Tiger Woods is to golf, get the picture?

What makes Mayweather the “Special One” in this sport is his talent and intelligence, many say Al Haymon is the most powerful man in boxing even Richard Shaefer or Jose Sulieman, I disagree it is Floyd Mayweather Jr his talent sublime, his work ethic not matched, his intelligence.

Five fights to go before Mayweather “cashes out”. Likely opponents are circling and rumours rife, Lucas Matthysse is a name being mentioned after his recent demolition job on Lamont Peterson, Paulie Malignaggi was quoted after the fight “His power is scary” I have to agree this guy can bang and if he carries that power with him to 147 he is a danger to anyone in the division, the Argentine is explosive. Matthysse should look for a match up with Danny Garcia the winner should be put forward for a Mayweather bout. Amir Khan, now look this guy is a master of deception his constant talk and reluctance to accept flaws in his skills make people believe he is a credible threat in the fight game, I will say categorically Amir Khan is a second tier fighter period, Mayweather would knock him out. Devon Alexander, good fighter and keeps winning, i feel Devon would be in too deep with Mayweather but if he keeps winning who knows. Rios/Pacquiao the winner should be looking for a fight with Mayweather in 2014, always been a fan of Pacquiao until the Mosley fight, I don’t believe his heart is with boxing, more so with his political influence in the Philippines, Rios could pull off yet another upset. Saul Alvarez, for a long time now I have been urging for a Alvarez/Martinez match up it is a natural fight but maybe too dangerous for Alvarez and his team, both have good skills the winner should get a mention for a Mayweather date if he decides to step it up again to 154.

If any of the bouts mentioned happen Mayweather’s legacy will be sealed as the greatest ever constructed by a professional boxer more so if he stays undefeated, I cannot see Mayweather having trouble with any of the current fighters but the next 30 months are going to be great for boxing and its fans, for those who question the credibility of Mayweather’s resume I challenge you to do some research and name the opponents that weren’t credible, relevant and hadn’t earned there shot, like I mentioned the Mayweather resume is built up with opponents who were (1) ranked fighters by the governing bodies, multiple world champions, undefeated fighters and mandatory challengers, after you have realized Mayweather’s opponents are very much credible, I ask, who is it you want him to fight, just to get your research started, Coralles undefeated, Hatton undefeated, Mosley delivered a savage beat down of Margarito and was coming off that win when matched up with Mayweather, many pundits, experts, fans believing Mosley was back at his best and would be trouble for Mayweather, Ortiz, coming off a great win over Berto, in the fight of the year, Guerrero, mandatory challenger coming off career defining win, Cotto, Mayweather fought him at his natural and comfortable weight of 154. i would also like to point out Mayweather has never entered the ring with an advantage, check it out and do your research.

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