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Mayweather’s May 4th fight expected to be finalized this week, says Schaefer

floyd454By Chris Williams: Floyd Mayweather Jr’s fight on May 4th is expected to be finalized this week, according to Lance Pugmire of the LA Times. Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer told the LA Times that Mayweather’s fight will be finalized by this week. However, Schaefer isn’t saying who it is just yet.

Pugmire is guessing that it’ll be Robert Guerrero, but anything is possible with Mayweather. He already said earlier today on his twitter that the Guerrero fight is just a rumor and nothing more. Why would Mayweather go through the trouble of saying that if Guerrero is going to be the guy he ends up facing on May 4th?

That would be kind of silly because it’s not as if Mayweather has competition for Guerrero. He’s the only one that Guerrero could get a big money fight against, so it would be really odd if Mayweather is deliberately trying to throw boxing fans off.

Schaefer told Pugmire “[Saul Alvarez] Will be fighting May 4, and so will Mayweather, but I’m not saying they’re fighting each other and I’m not saying anything more until we’ve finalized the agreements.”

It looks like Schaefer doesn’t want the fights to be negotiated through the press. That would be a huge shock if Canelo ends up being the guy that Mayweather winds up facing in this fight because it’s been thought that Canelo is just being added to the card to help boost the pay per view numbers to attract the Mexican boxing fans on May 4th, which is the Cinco de Mayor weekend.

Mayweather might as well fight Canelo sooner rather than later because it looks Canelo’s appearance on the May 4th card was tied to him getting a Mayweather fight in September. Mayweather can fight Canelo now or wait until September. It would be smarter to fight Canelo in September because Mayweather could take advantage of Canelo’s name twice by first having him on the May 4th card and then fighting him in September in two really big PPV cards.

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