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Haye: Vitali would be better off to fight me sooner rather than later

haye4By Scott Gilfoid: David Haye thinks WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko will ultimately fight him, but he thinks it would be better off for Vitali if he were to take the fight soon before he gets too much older. Haye, 32, feels he has youth on his side, so that when Vitali does choose to finally face him, Haye will still be a relatively young fighter.

Haye said to “The way I see it is the longer Vitali leaves it, the worse it is for him. I’m 32, he’s 41, so I could leave it five years and still be 37, but he’d be pushing on 50! It’s up to him.”

Haye seems to be kidding himself if he honestly believes Vitali is just stringing this out for some reason. Do you think Vitali would do that if he really wanted to fight Haye? Look at how Vitali quickly pulled the trigger on his fights with Odlanier Solis, Manuel Charr, Tomasz Adamek and Albert Sosnowski. There was no hesitation on Vitali’s part. He went for those fights quickly because he wanted them. Vitali doesn’t feel the need to fight Haye, and you’ve got to figure that the major reason for that are Haye’s inactivity and his previous loss to Vitali’s brother Wladimir Klitschko.

Haye is making it so obvious that he’s just looking for that one big fight to go into retirement on, and that’s got to be incredibly off putting to Vitali.

Haye should be fighting other heavyweights to keep busy and to stay relevant in the sport rather than just looking to talk his way into a big fight with Vitali the way he did with Wladimir.

Vitali probably won’t fight. I think if Vitali does choose to fight a little while longer, he’ll defend his title against his mandatory challenger instead of fighting Haye.

Haye says he doesn’t mind staying inactive for long periods of time because he feels it doesn’t cause him to be rusty. Haye points to his win over domestic level heavyweight Dereck Chisora as evidence that he doesn’t get rusty from inactivity. That doesn’t make sense at all, and doesn’t change the fact that when Vitali retires, it’s likely going to be without facing Haye.

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