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Boxing: Matches that need to be made

By Dallas Brooks:

Heavyweights division

Wladimir Klitschko vs Deontay Wilder

I really think the sparing he gave Klitchko for his upcoming match really opened his eyes to who is the best heavy weight in the division I dont think this fight will happened being wlad is going to want to end his career at the top this would be a fight worth my money…

Tyson Fury vs Vitali Klitschko

They should have this on the same card as Dr Iron Fist vs Deontay Wilder this would be a FIGHTERS CARD called Night Of The Giants…this would also be a good fight I would love to see which Klitschko will rise to remain king of the heavyweights and what brother would fall to the hands of a new champion

Super middleweight Division

Andre Dirrell vs Andre Ward 168lbs

These two have to fight this is the only super fight that didn’t go through I think with both of these fighters and the blazing speed and timing of there punches this would add up to be a great fight.

Carl Froch vs Anthony Dirrell

I think he would destroy this fake cobra, and I think he is way better then his brother Andre.

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