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Schaefer says Mayweather-Cotto could finish over 2 million PPV buys

photo: miguel cotto floyd mayweather jr By Chris Williams: For boxing fans that care about pay-per-view numbers, Yahoo Sports writer Kevin Iole says that Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer believes the the Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Miguel Cotto fight will haul in over 2 million PPV buys when the numbers are finally tallied.

Iole said on his twitter “Richard Schaefer said PPV is tracking well. He said ‘it could finish over 2 million.’ Said is is ‘Bit time ahead’ of Money-Ortiz fight.”

In addition to that, Iole said “Attendance was 16,047. Gate was $11,999,996. Closed circuit attendance in LV [Las Vegas] was 9,286.”

We’re talking a $12 million gate to go along with a possible 2 million PPV buys. This means that Mayweather could end up making between $60-70 million for his fight against Cotto. Those numbers are staggering, aren’t they? Mayweather already was guaranteed $32 million for the fight, but the PPV totals will make it much more, especially if they come in 2 million buys. The PPV record is 2.4 million buys in the Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya fight in 2007. Nothing has come close to that fight since then.

The bad thing about Mayweather-Cotto doing high PPV numbers is that it’s going to put a lot of pressure on Manny Pacquiao for his June 9th fight against Tim Bradley to bring in similar numbers, which is highly unlikely. If the numbers aren’t even close to Mayweather’s for his fight against Cotto, then Pacquiao is going to look awfully silly with his hard line stance that he deserves a 50-50 purse split with Mayweather in a mega fight. Maywather couldn’t agree to a split like that, because it would be like charity. You can’t give a guy an even 50-50 split if he’s not bringing in the same numbers as you, as we’re about to find out how much more popular Mayweather is compared to Pacquiao when the Mayweather-Cotto PPV figures are released. Pacquiao-Cotto brought in only 1.25 million buys in 2009, so Mayweather doesn’t have far to go to beat that total.

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