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Mosley feels he has all the physical advantages over Pacquiao

By Chris Williams: The last thing you would expect from 39-year-old Shane Mosley is for him to be saying that he’s superior to Manny Pacquiao physically. Mosley has been looking about as shot as a fighter can look and still get a big mega fight in his last two fights. In an interview at The Ring, Mosley said “Do people have blinders on? I have all the advantages. I’m the bigger man, I’m the fastest guy he’s fought. I have a longer reach. Everything is working in my favor. I just have to make sure I’m 100 percent. I can’t sit back and say I have all these advantages and not work on them.”

Mosley sounds seriously deluded. He may be bigger and have the longer reach, but he doesn’t look capable of fighting hard for more than a couple of rounds without fading and becoming a statue for the rest of the fight. He’s pushing 40, and Pacquiao and hist team have researched him well enough to see what he’s capable of. If Mosley were still fighting at a high level do you honestly think he would have been selected for this fight? Pacquiao’s promoter and trainer Freddie Roach aren’t about to let the gravy train end by matching him up against someone that can actually beat Pacquiao. You ever wonder why Pacquiao didn’t fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. last year and why he hasn’t fought Sergio Martinez? Those guys would likely beat Pacquiao, and it does seem strange that they haven’t fought the Filipino star, doesn’t it?

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