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Vazquez vs Marquez IV

marquez44644664By Pedro Reyna: According to Jaime Quintana, manager of Rafael Marquez, a fourth bout between Vazquez vs Marquez in currently in the works. Both fighters are accepting the challenge, however, they are still negotiating a date for the grand event. Marquez wants to fight in October/November, while Vazquez prefers the date in January/February.

Vazquez/Marquez is one of the best trilogies of the decade. It ranks on top of the list along with Gatti/Ward and Barrera/Morales trilogies. Although, Vazquez/Marquez have the opportunity to surpass the other trilogies with a fourth bout. Their second bout was Ring Magazine’s Fight of the Year for 2007. Their third bout was Ring Magazine’s Fight of the Year for 2008. There is no doubt that the fourth bout could possibly be another fight of the year for 2009 or whatever year they happen to fight.

The sport of boxing would definitely benefit from a fourth bout between Vazquez/Marquez, but are these 2 warriors really ready for another war? Vazquez has undergone three surgeries due to a detached retina. In late-May, Marquez had a tune up bout versus Mendoza. Maybe Vazquez should consider a tune up opponent as well before he commits to a championship caliber opponent.

There are other paths that may be chosen by Vazquez and Marquez. They can decide to face other top fighters in their divisions such as Caballero (who has been patiently waiting) and Nishioka (who recently knocked out Gonzalez). Not to be forgotten is Juan Manuel Lopez, an undefeated young superstar that shows much promise. Lopez would be a huge fight for either of the two…. Vazquez or Marquez.

Would the fans prefer to see Vazquez vs Marquez IV or do fans want to see Vazquez and Marquez in the ring with some of the other stars in their divisions?

“Fans can dictate the sport… so let us speak out.”

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